What Just Happened At Asylum Site Of Clinton-Exposing WikiLeaks Founder Sets Social Media On Fire

Original Source: http://www.westernjournalism.com/thepoint/2016/08/22/what-just-happened-at-asylum-site-of-clinton-exposing-wikileaks-founder-sets-social-media-on-fire/

Below is another piece of information on Donald J. Trump’s campaign. Make sure you keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


It happened under the cover of darkness — in the early morning hours, at 2:47 London time — according to the WikiLeaks Twitter feed.

An intruder scaled the wall of the Ecuadorian Embassy where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been living for more than four years, granted political asylum by Ecuador.

And now speculation about a possible assassination attempt is bubbling up all over the Internet — as fans and followers of the internationally famous whistle blower and exposer of secrets express concern for his safety.

Though there’s little official word concerning the attempted break-in at the embassy providing refuge for Assange, WikiLeaks claims the unidentified intruder fled once spotted by security.

As Western Journalism has reported, a young staffer for the Democratic National Committee who was recently murdered under very mysterious circumstances is suspected as having been a source of hacked DNC emails released by WikiLeaks — incriminating communications that led to the ouster of former DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Some have been “suggesting he had handed WikiLeaks the 20,000 emails that embarrassed the DNC and forced the ouster of its chairwoman,” wrote the Washington Post. “Others suggested he was helping the FBI expose wrongdoing in the presidential election, and that made him a target.”

The original WikiLeaks tweet about the intruder who climbed over the embassy wall not far from where Assange was holed up called the man a “cat burglar.” That description was later dropped when WikiLeaks updated its alert.

Understandably the concern raised for the safety of the organization’s founder — someone who has won both devoted supporters and outspoken critics around the world — raised the specter of an attempt on the life of the Australian computer programmer who is now the editor-in-chief of the outfit that obtains and publishes secret information, news leaks and classified media from anonymous sources.

Talk about curious timing — just hours before the reported intruder at the asylum site for Julian Assange, National Review published a lengthy article detailing how “Democrats are right to worry about an October surprise” in the form of more incriminating Clinton or Clinton-related emails being dropped by WikiLeaks.

National Review took careful note of an interview Assange gave to CNN several weeks ago: “’We have quite a lot of material (from the DNC, the Clinton campaign, and the Clinton Foundation),’ the WikiLeakers founder and editor told the network, ‘so I think we will stagger it in different batches when we are ready to publish each batch.’ Assange has told reporters he plans to detonate his e-mail bombs at key points during the campaign, such as just prior to each of the three presidential debates.”

While there’s no firm indication yet that whoever tried to break in to the Ecuadorian Embassy was after Assange, there’s certainly ample reason for those concerned about the safety and security of the high-profile whistle blower to wonder, especially with the presidential election stakes so high.

And there are, of course, all those strange and often unexplained deaths of people who have been linked to, associated with, or thought to be threats to the ascent of a certain presidential contender.

Just keep in mind, never trust the mainstream media’s spin and never allow them to deter you. Make America Great Again!



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