Why Government Can’t Fix Health Care

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Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is pushing for America to adopt single-payer healthcare through his “Medicare for All Act of 2017.” Thankfully, that bill has zero chance of passing thanks to a guaranteed veto from President Donald Trump. Still, it’s hilarious to see him using the failures of Obamacare to justify a complete government takeover of health care.

Whether or not Bernie likes to admit it, even before Obamacare, nearly half of all health care spending in this country was attributable to our federal government thanks to Medicare and Medicaid. Government intervention has failed thus far – but he thinks more will fix it? If you thought the problems the government created were bad, just wait until you see their solutions!

When it comes to American health care, the problem is not with quality, but affordability. That’s why when it comes to cancer survival rates, our partially-capitalist health care system far outperforms all socialized systems around the world.

I probably don’t need to tell you that when government takes control of an industry, things don’t become more efficient and, therefore, cheaper. You can bet, however, that the government decides to try to cut costs by paying doctors like public servants, which I doubt will be very encouraging for those looking to enter the medical industry.

The problems in nations with socialized medicine are more than apparent. Most of the world’s new life-saving drugs are invented within the U.S., and it’s because of the profit motive. During the 1999-2005 period, the U.S. sold 71 percent of new pharmaceuticals, while Japan and Germany (our largest 2 competitors) sold 4 percent each. Another fact: Fifteen times more money is invested in American biotech companies than in European companies.

Heck, the entire European Union, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia, with a combined population of 681 million, have won 41 Nobel Prizes in Medicine and Physiology, while the U.S., with under half the population, has won 57 (as of 2010).

Additionally, America enjoys lower wait times and quicker recovery times than those who have “free” care.

But enough of me – here’s former Rep. Bob McEwen to explain the government-induced problems that already exist within American health care – and why more government intervention is not the answer.

Watch below:

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