‘You’ve Got Me’: Feminist Cathy Newman Crumbles in Channel 4 Interview with ‘Controversial’ Prof. Jordan Peterson

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Here is a further piece of information on Donald Trump’s Presidency. Make certain you keep yourself up to date!:


Repeated attempts to skewer clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson fell flat in a remarkable interview with Britain’s Channel 4 news, reports the Spectator. Douglas Murray writes of the interview for the Spectator’s Coffee House blog: In the magazine this week (out tomorrow) I have written a piece about the Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson. He has been in the UK over the last week to talk about his new book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Among many other things – much more of which I go into in the piece – his visit showed up the UK’s broadcast media in a very bad light. On Saturday morning, Peterson made an appearance on Radio 4’s Today programme. They gave him a hurried four minutes at the end of the show. They could have quizzed him on almost anything and got a point of view different from almost any other they had ever allowed their listeners to hear. Instead they decided to treat him in an alternately jocular and hostile manner. First: ‘Look at this whacky Canadian from out of town’. Then: ‘warning signs: heretic’. The Today programme wasted the opportunity. But they scored a veritable home-run compared to the interview Cathy Newman

Always remember, don’t accept the mainstream media’s anti-Trump partisanship and do not allow them to depress you. Make America Great Again!



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