CNN Producer Blocks Pro-2A Parkland Student on Twitter After Canceling His CNN Appearance

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Pro-2A Parkland student Kyle Kashuv has been largely ignored by the mainstream media because he doesn’t go along with the left-wing anti-gun narrative.

According to Kyle Kashuv, CNN producer, Anisa Husain cancelled his appearance on CNN because of ‘hurt feelings.’

On Sunday, Kashuv tweeted out a screenshot showing Anisa Husain had also blocked him on Twitter.

CNN political contributor, Joan Walsh then attacked Kashuv on Twitter. Why is CNN mistreating a Parkland teenager? It’s time to make the left live up to the rigors they set for conservatives.

Pro-2A Parkland student Kyle Kashuv meets First Lady Melania Trump

Former NYPD and Rebel Media reporter, John Cardillo tweeted, “CNN correspondent Joan Walsh is attacking Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv. Time to turn up the heat on CNN’s sponsors.”

Why is CNN retaliating against Kyle Kashuv?

Let CNN’s sponsors know how we feel.

Pro-2A Parkland student Kyle Kashuv tweeted a screenshot of a CNN producer’s Twitter block with a caption, “And the producer that canceled my CNN appearance because of her feelings were hurt just blocked me and went private.”

Why is it okay for CNN to attack Parkland student Kyle Kashuv? Will CNN denounce this?

The Gateway Pundit had the pleasure of speaking with Kyle Kashuv. He is a respectful, mature young man who doesn’t resort to profanity-laced tirades, unlike like David Hogg and Cameron Kasky.

In an interview with The Gateway Pundit, Kashuv stated that his right-wing views have led to him being “hated” by his fellow students and labeled an “enemy of the movement.”

Kyle Kashuv also traveled to the White House and met President Trump and First Lady Melania the first week of March.

Teen tyrant David Hogg unleashed a boycott rampage on Laura Ingraham after she made a benign statement about his college rejections.

It’s time we fight fire with fire and make the left live by their rules.

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Just keep in mind, don’t believe the media’s bells and whistles and never permit them to hinder you. Make America Great Again!



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