Jeb Bush Praises Trump for Jerusalem Embassy Move in Rare Congratulations Tweet

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Former Republican presidential primary candidate Jeb Bush tweeted rare praise of Donald Trump today, applauding the president for relocating the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Once dubbed “low energy Jeb” by Trump himself during the primaries, Jeb Bush praised his former opponent for making a bold decision as well as keeping one of his campaign promises.

Jeb tweeted, “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and I applaud @POTUS for seeing through America’s promise to relocate its embassy there. This is an important show of solidarity with Israel, one of our nation’s greatest allies.”
The mainstream was struggling today to spin Trump’s decision into negative, despite the fact that in 1995 the Jerusalem Embassy Act was passed as law requiring the US to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by a set deadline. This act included the caveat of allowing the president to delay the move every 6 months, which is exactly what presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama had done throughout their terms in office.

Where, previous administrations have supported the embassy move “in principle”, yet failed to act upon it, President Trump decided to take bold action in order to uphold America’s promises. Critics of president’s decision claim that it “puts the Middle East on edge” and will cause “mass violence”, yet the Middle East is hardly a bastion of peace and prosperity even without the embassy move.

Detractors of the embassy move claim that it will derail any chance of “peace talks” between Palestine and Israel. However, talks of peace have eluded diplomats for decades and if a simple embassy move puts an end to any chance of peace, then it’s obvious that there would never be a viable peace regardless.

The Vatican Newspaper claimed “With Jerusalem Move Trump Inflames the Middle East”, yet when has the Middle East NOT been inflamed in the past 1400 years? The newspaper states that the embassy move increases the risk of terrorism and violent responses, yet even before this decision radical Islamic terror attacks have rocked Germany, France, Britain and America all the same.

In reality, President Trump chose not to simply “kick the can” down the road on the embassy move, which has been done since 1995 by prior presidents, and took action as a president to not only uphold his campaign promise, but recognize a reality that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital regardless of how much anger and rage exists in the Middle East.


Always remember, do not trust the lamestream media’s partisanship and never allow them to scare you. Make America Great Again!



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