McCain Shamed After Begging Followers to Help Him Reach 3 Million on Twitter, Only to Lose 20k Instead

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John McCain learned a hard lesson of just how fickle social media can be, as after making a call to get him account to reach 3 million followers, he instead suffered the exact opposite reaction.

McCain’s twitter account was apparently very close to reaching 3 million, only 74 away, calling on his existing followers to spread the word to help him reach his goal saying, “We’re only 74 followers away from 3 million.”

However, McCain’s efforts to rally his supporters (what’s left of them anyways) in order to help him reach his goal backfired horrendously, and resulted in him actually losing about 20,000 followers.

The effort backfired — shortly after 12:40 p.m. Tuesday, McCain had 2,982,352 followers.

Some of the top replies to the senator’s original tweet are from former followers who deliberately decided to unfollow, citing reasons largely connected to the GOP tax bill.

“Since you choose to care about only yourself and wealthy friends I chose to unfollow,” wrote one woman

It appears McCain’s liberal followers, who he gained after going rogue and opposing Trump by sabotaging the Obamacare repeal bill in the Senate, have turned against by abandoning his Twitter account by the tens of thousands.
Perhaps McCain didn’t realize that, in the eyes of anti-Trump liberals, you’re only as good as your last comment or action that attacks Donald Trump. You will only receive “tolerance” from the left if you are rabidly anti-Trump, which means you cannot support any Trump agenda item, policy or bill. Besides angering his newfound liberal followers, McCain has also alienated Republicans and Trump supporters by repeatedly obstructing the president’s agenda…an agenda which was voted in favor of by over 62 million voters in the last election.

After successfully isolating both Trump supporters and anti-Trump crusaders one would think McCain would realize he has a dwindling support base. However, considering the pictures recently released showing McCain wearing his ankle boot on different feet, perhaps the senator from Arizona is sorely lacking in the mental stability department.


Good luck on reaching that 3 million mark on Twitter McCain, and if you can’t rally enough supporters organically, you can always outsource your effects and just purchase some followers overseas to fake an image that you’re actually popular with anyone anymore. As a reminder, President Donald Trump currently has 44.1 million followers on Twitter, and that’s without having to beg people to follow him.


Just remember, don’t believe the lamestream media’s pro-Hillary push and do not permit them to stop you. Make America Great Again!



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