Vanity Fair Editor Attacks Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor In Bizarre E-mail

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An e-mail from a ‘Vanity Fair editor’ soliciting information regarding pro-gun Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv is raising some eyebrows for its bizarre nature and willingness to viciously attack a teenager who recently endured a shooting at his school.

And considering the editor in question is Kurt Eichenwald, a man once caught researching “tentacle porn” with his kids in an effort to prove to his wife that it is a real thing, it takes quite a bit for him to achieve the rank of bizarre.

Yet, here we go…

Eichenwald sent an e-mail to Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro, in which he is absolutely grilled for his political support for Kashuv’s platforms. But the questions quickly devolve into personal attacks on the Parkland student and eventually wind up as an out-of-control obsession.

Eichenwald even goes so far as to claim he’s had a psychologist analyze Kashuv’s tweets and allegedly diagnosed him as being “in desperate need of psychiatric help.”

The ‘Vanity Fair editor’ accuses Kashuv of engaging in a complex conspiracy to “trick journalists” into liking or sharing tweets, “coordinating with trolls,” and trying to Jedi-mind trick him into being blocked.

He then claims a psychiatrist diagnosed Kashuv as needing help and support, and that his psychological problems may stem from either the mass shooting or “being thrust into the conservative media.”

We warned you – Eichenwald went full-on Looney Tunes. Take a look …

Eichenwald, aside from contributing to Vanity Fair, is also a sometimes contributor to Newsweek and MSNBC.

He recently got himself into trouble by attacking Kashuv on social media, resulting in one advertiser pulling money from MSNBC over the incident.

Unlike David Hogg, Kashuv accepted Eichenwald’s apology and that was that. Until now …

Shapiro sharing Eichenwald’s e-mail is a sign that while the Vanity Fair editor publicly apologized, he’s still quietly attacking the Parkland teenager.

Don’t worry about Kashuv, though. Unlike Hogg, he can handle himself. Quite well, at that.

He’s taken to his own Twitter account to absolutely eviscerate Eichenwald.

Eichenwald did something similar with President Trump previously, psychoanalyzing him as having been “institutionalized” after having a “nervous breakdown” because he wouldn’t release his medical records.

During that incident, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Eichenwald “How can Newsweek employ you as a reporter, Kurt, when you’re throwing lines like this around that are untrue, that you can’t substantiate?”

The same has to be asked of MSNBC and Vanity Fair, especially now that he’s engaging in wild conspiracy theories to defame a teen shooting survivor.

Is Kurt Eichenwald as insane as he seems to be? Share your thoughts below!

Update: Vanity Fair is claiming Eichenwald is not an editor to their publication.

But Eichenwald is continuing to insist he is.

This story gets more bizarre by the moment.

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